• From its inception the Business & Exhibition Research and Development Institute has laid particular emphasis on the quality of the services it provides, shaping and applying a concrete policy in order to guarantee this.
    All the activities of the IEE are regulated and conducted subject to the philosophy of Quality Control within a Quality Management System, which ensures the complete satisfaction of its clients’ demands, with a view to continual enhancement of their satisfaction.

    The current Quality Management System applied by the IEE has been structured on the model ISO9001:2008 and focuses on the satisfaction of the demands of the client. Thus the mentality underlying the functioning of all its executive staff members, its employees and even its collaborating associates / suppliers, has as its starting point and end the client, with the disposal on the part of the management of all necessary resources, and the devising of programmes and plans for the continual improvement of quality, monitored and revised continually, comprising the main means of achieving its aims.

    The chief guides of the Quality Management System are the Management of the Company and the Director of Quality Management, who also have the responsibility for the continual supervision, renewal and improvement of all the components of this System, as well as current Policy, within the framework of continual improvement and adjustment to new conditions and demands.
    The result of this policy of guaranteeing quality is the strengthening of the IEE, offering its clients continual increase in satisfaction, and its workforce a better standard of living, more creative work and a sense of security.

    The Quality Management System that the Exhibition Research Institute has established and implemented was certified on the basis of the protocol ISO9001:2008 by the certification agency TUV Hellas.