• Event Certification Research (Auditing):  It is imperative for the evaluation and quality certification of an event to maintain stable, unchanging rules in the extraction of numerical and qualitative data concerning Exhibitors, Visitors, spaces and their arrangement. (i) For the Exhibitor and the Visitor it is necessary to know that the available data of an exhibition event is reliable, in a long-term comparable to every other corresponding exhibition while arising from standard research instruments, in order for the exhibitor or visitor to properly decide with regards to their participation in a specific exhibition. (ii)For the Organiser the quality control study constitutes a valuable quantitative and qualitative regulating instrument, useful for both the attraction of exhibitors and visitors, as well as for the continuous improvement and development of the organised event.

    Exhibition Auditing Implemented: Event Study & Research of the Thracian Panhellenic Trade Fair, the Cretan Panhellenic Trade Fair, Energon Exhibition, Energytech Exhibition, Exporama Show,Infacoma, Thessaloniki International Trade Fair, Detrop-Oinos, Agrotica, Zootechnia, Hellenic Jewellery, Kosmima, Philoxenia, Detrop Boutique Show Athens, Thessaloniki Book Fair, Polis in Thessaloniki and Athens, as well as EXPOKOS Fair in Kosovo.