• In the framework of the Black Sea 2007-2013 Program, I.E.E. is a partner in the Project: “e-F+TN– E-Fairs and Trade Networking”.

    Brief Description:

    The action aims to enhance intra-regional and European trade/ business links of local enterprises of the Black Sea basin and therefore to support local development.

    The project builds its activities upon the use of ICTs and specifically by creating and operating a Virtual Fair platform (VF-Platform) and the associated web-portal. Furthermore, a network of business stakeholders and business support organisations is established to coordinate the initiative and ensure its sustainability through the post-project operation of the Virtual Fair (VF) platform.


    • German Hellenic Chamber of Industry and Commerce (DGIHK), Department Northern Greece, Greece (Lead Partner)
    • Business & Exhibition Research and Development Insitute (IEE), Greece; (Partner)
    • Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Targovishte, Bulgaria (CCIT) (Partner)
    • Caucasian Institute for Economic and Social Research (CIESR), Georgia (Partner)
    • The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Moldova, Republic of Moldova (CCI) (Partner)
    • Sakarya Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Turkey) (Partner)


    • Total Budget: 645.364 €

    The specific objectives are:

    • To support and enhance accessibility to other markets (of the Black Sea region and of Europe/world in general)
    • To establish the e-F+TN network and Virtual Fair Platform for the promotion of business and trade links of local enterprises
    • To promote the use of ICTs by educating business people in using ICTs
    • To link the e-F+TN Virtual Fair Platform with established (conventional) trade fairs
    • To expand the e-F+TN network and establish a permanent scheme to operate the project legacy


    Establishment the Virtual Fair Infrastructure

    • Needs analysis per country
    • Specifications of the Virtual Fair (VF) platform
    • Procurement & Delivery of the VF-platform

    National and Intra-regional Activities                  

    • Operation of the national nodes of the VF-platform
    • Training activities (train the trainers & national training workshops)
    • Organisation of intra-regional VFs
    • Providing support to enterprises for participating in VFs

    Increasing International Trade & Business Links

    • Virtual presence initiatives in international (conventional) trade fairs
    • Organisation of an international VF (1 international VF)
    • Providing support to enterprises and/or groupings of them for participating in the international VF(s)

    Sustainability of the network

    • Operational support & improvements in the VF platform
    • Expanding the network and establish operating principles & rules
    • Continuation plan and operational scheme

    Visibility of the Action  

    • Visibility plan and initial awareness creation
    • Project multilingual website
    • Intra-regional visibility activities
    • European & international visibility activities

    Management and coordination of the Action

    • Project meetings
    • Reporting

    Quality management & coordination