• In the framework of the European Territorial Cooperation Program Greece-Bulgaria 2007-2013, I.E.E. successfully completed its participation in the Project: “AGRI-GENO-TRANS– Dissemination and Propagation of Technical Expertise in Agro-Genetics between Greece and Bulgaria”.

    Brief Description:

    The project’s aim was to disseminate the knowledge generated by the Institute of Agrobiotechnology in Thessaloniki to the cross-border cooperation area through a series of innovative technology transfer events.

    The topic was «The Agricultural Genomics and the field of application of dairy products and milk production» with focus to the area of Rodopi.

    The Business & Exhibition Research and Development Insitute used its experience to develop new forms of events in order to bridge the gap between the research community, the agriculturalists and the younger generation of farmers as they were represented by the Bulgarian National Association “Mountains’ Milk.”

    The recent advances in agrobiotechnology actually change the way that the food chain and industry will walk in the future. It also influences the way that the consumers perceive food and the way of distributing and marketing the food into the market.


    • Centre for Research and Technology – Hellas (CERTH) / Institute of Agrobiotechnology (INA), Thessaloniki, Greece  (Lead Partner)
    • National Association ‘Mountain Milk’, Smolyan, Bulgaria (Partner)
    • Business & Exhibition Research and Development Insitute (IEE), Thessaloniki, Greece  (Partner)


    • Total Budget: 498.160,25 €


    • Exchange of researchers between the Association and INA: The purpose was to demonstrate in Thessaloniki modern techniques and give the opportunity to Bulgarian scientists to transfer these practices to Bulgarian milk industry and farming. Likewise, Greek researchers had the opportunity to visit the places of milk production and processing and made direct observations about the production and processing techniques
    • A series of public exhibition events: that brought together scholars, technology developers, industrialists, farmers and other stakeholders to listen and speak about modern technologies and contemporary needs. Some of the events were parallel to the big trade-shows of Thessaloniki and Komotini and took advantage of the presence of the large number of exhibitors and visitors
    • A series of training seminars: that developed first the capacity of trainers and consequently disseminated the knowledge to stakeholders in South-Western Bulgaria, particularly targeting young farmers and women.
    • Networking as a by-product of the above activities:  which was concluded through the signing of a Memorandum for future co-operation with specific objectives and directions that emerged during the implementation of the project
    • Publicity and dissemination:  through internet of material tailored to the needs of the particular stakeholders and equipped with a business-matching web-tool