• In the framework of the European Territorial Cooperation Program Greece-F.Y.R.O.M. 2007-2013, I.E.E. successfully completed its participation in the Project: “BEC-TSB– Cooperation for the Establishment of a Business & Employment Centre and a Trade Show and Bazaar in the cross-border area”.

    Brief Description:

    The primary goal of the project was to confront the isolation between the two sides, to encourage the businesses’ exchanges and cooperation, as well as to facilitate the unobstructed circulation of people, goods and services.

    During the project took place activities as Studies implementation, Entrepreneurship Guides publications, promotional material creation (leaflets, brochures, posters), Portal Development, participation in the International Fair of Thessaloniki, Seminars, Workshops and Citizens’ Meetings.

    Furthermore, there were established two Business and Employment Centres in Gevgelija and Polykastro which had a very important role to the entrepreneurship boosting of the area.

    Finally, there was a revival of the Trade shows and Bazaars (TSBs) in Gevgelija – Dojran area which was a very important event for the economic development of this area and took place an upgrading of the operation of the already existing local traditional fair of Skotoussa.


    • Municipality of Gevgelija, Gevgelija, FYROM (Lead Partner)
    • Municipality of Polikastro, Paionia, Greece (Partner)
    • Municipality of Iraklia, Iraklia, Greece (Partner)
    • Municipality of Dojran, Dojran, FYROM (Partner)
    • Business & Exhibition Research and Development Insitute (IEE), Thessaloniki, Greece  (Partner)


    • Total Budget: 228.004.71 €

    The specific objectives were:

    • The improvement of the knowledge concerning the characteristics of the entrepreneurship and the employment in the cross-border area.
    • The improvement of the skills and the business capacity of the local producers, processors and traders (farmers, small industries, merchants, etc).
    • Establishment of the new trade fair in Gevgelija.
    • The creation of communication and cooperation channels among the businesses, the entrepreneurs, the farmers, as well as the institutions and the authorities that were related to the entrepreneurship development in both sides of the border.
    • The establishment of cross-border innovative institutions to support and boost the entrepreneurship, the innovation and the overall economic development in the cross-border area.

    The target groups of the project were:

    • Local producers, processors, merchants, traders, other entrepreneurs
    • Small industry and Industry
    • Prospective entrepreneurs and investors
    • Local authorities and other related organizations and institutions (Chambers, Development Agencies etc)